Magnet scale removal principle

- Nov 06, 2017 -

The scale is produced because the quality of the tap water is hard and the magnetization of the magnets can soften the water to eliminate the "hidden trouble." The operation can be carried out according to the specific situation, for example, if there is a ring magnet on the used radio speaker and wash it Water into the kettle, that is, as a kettle accessories.Even if the scale has been generated, add a few times after the magnet burned water, scale will naturally fall.You can also make a fuss about the faucet at home, the ring can be tight Set in the faucet, then the outflow is the demineralized water, no matter what equipment burning it, will not produce scale. At this time the magnet is like a natural "descaler", through the tap water through its magnetization , It will not produce scale, but also have a certain role in health care too!

Use the magnet descaling tips

Kettle descaling generally use pickling, fire and other methods, although effective, but often lead to misoperation a lot of trouble.

Descale with a magnet, both simple and safe. Find a strong magnetic magnet, the size of any shape, weighing 200 grams is appropriate, clean, if the surface of the scratch paint, and then put the magnet directly into the kettle boiling water. General use for about 1 week, the scale will fall off the pot, no scaling.

In the process of water heating, ordinary water turns into magnetized water, which is also good for health.

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