Magnetic polarization and magnetization What is the difference

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Magnets, magnetic poles, magnetic in our life has been applied a lot more. We have some features of magnetism in our elementary textbooks. Some principles In fact, the type of magnet is very much. There is a type of magnet called a permanent magnet. Inside the NdFeB magnet is very extensive use. This time, let's talk about NdFeB magnets. And to say that the magnetic polarization and magnetization What is the difference.

Some studies show that: All magnetic phenomena originated in the current. Magnetic material is no exception, the ferromagnetic phenomenon is originated in the materials inside the atomic nucleus of the formation of micro-electric movement of micro-current, also known as molecular current. The collective effect of these micro-currents makes the material exhibit various and various macro-magnetic properties. Because each micro-current produces a magnetic effect, a unit micro-electric is called a magnetic dipole.

The magnetic moment of a magnetic dipole is defined as pm / μo, μo is the direct air permeability, and the vector sum of the magnetic moments per unit material volume is the magnetization M, the SI unit is A / m and the CGS unit is Gs ( Gauss).

 Define the maximum force rejection of a magnetic dipole per unit of external magnetic field in a vacuum as the magnetic dipole moment pm and the vector sum of the magnetic dipole moments per unit volume of material as the magnetic polarization intensity J. The unit is T Sila, in the CGS unit system, J's unit is Gs, 1T = 104GS)

M and] the relationship is: J = μoM, in CGS unit system, μo = 1, so the value of the magnetic polarization and magnetization values equal; in the SI unit system μo = 4π × 10-7H / m Meter).

Magnetic polarization and magnetization are two different meanings. The specific meaning of the above has been very clear. When we want to use neodymium-iron-boron magnets in our daily life, we may learn a lot about neodymium-iron-boron magnets. It can also be more simple to use, the operation more accurate.

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