Magnetic Rods is a new toy developed by the brain

- Nov 01, 2017 -

     Now the social parents for the children's juvenile education more and more attention to the choice of toys has been played by the children to play changes to focus on the development of children's intelligence, magnetic rods as a new type of development of toys more and more children and parents Love, magnetic stick is not only play a variety of more emphasis on the child's intellectual and hands-on development.

    Magnetic rods with magnetic strength of several strong magnetic characteristics of the product in the demo process will not cause damage in children, magnetic rods when used green pollution-free materials to ensure that children in the play process will not cause any damage, magnetic rods by magnetic combination, Can be combined according to their own needs into any shape, to a large extent, the development of children's intelligence and practical ability, in the continuous combination and change, the children learn not only entertainment, more importantly, learning and accumulation, if at this time Parents have a right lead for children, children are easy to show their talent and short board, the parents can according to their children's advantages and shortcomings as soon as possible arrangements and improve the use of magnetic materials are resistant materials, The child's talent, in order to confirm the toy playing a long time, especially the use of drop-resistant material, which also to some extent to save the parents unnecessary expenses, each magnetic bar have different instructions, according to the instructions step by step, of course we It is recommended that parents according to their children's interest in a reasonable adjustment.

     Magnetic children of the child's innate teacher, the parents of the right-hand man in the child's growth and development process will play a great role, on the one hand is the intellectual development, on the other hand is the parent-child exchange hub, unknowingly established and children intimate The relationship, become a good friend of the child.

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