Magnetic seat

- Jul 28, 2017 -

The magnetic seat is an instrument which comprises a rectangular magnetic element which can be rotated, a two magnetic yoke group, and an upper and a lower non-magnetic block between two magnetic yokes.

Characterized in that it further comprises a non-magnetic front and rear baffle consisting of a plurality of yoke pieces of a predetermined number and the same geometrical shape, the opposite inner sides of which are close to the upper and lower ends, respectively, And the yoke plate is perpendicular to the rotation axis of the rectangular magnetic element, the two magnetic groups each have an inner circular arc side, and the bottom end has a downwardly projecting contact portion, respectively, and the upper and lower non- The magnetic blocks have an inner circular arc surface, respectively, and the inner circular arc side of the two magnetic yoke groups together form a cylindrical inner cavity to cover the rectangular magnetic element. The upper and lower nonmagnetic blocks have a plurality of yokes The concave portion of the sheet is slid laterally toward the outer side, and the concave portion is in contact with the flange of the majority of the yoke pieces, and each yoke plate has a plurality of positioning holes which are penetrated, and the positioning holes of the respective positions of the yokes are communicated with each other, And the yoke pieces are fixedly connected to the yoke pieces.

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