Magnetization of the production process of the key processes introduced(1)

- Nov 20, 2017 -

The previous section We have introduced a variety of common types of permanent magnet production process, and the entire production process is a series of processes connected, each process is very important, a process if there is a problem, it may be the product Have a very serious impact. Below we will introduce some of the key processes in the production process, and further understanding of the entire production process. In order to avoid duplication, we will introduce all the sintering process are introduced, if the same process of other processes, will not be introduced.

(1) sintering process description of each process

① ingredients and mixing

First select the desired metal material, according to the design of a good ratio of the quality of the required raw materials, and then weighed before weighing should be pre-treatment of metal raw materials in order to remove oxides and other pollution, as far as possible Ensure the purity of raw materials. Weighing after the appropriate crushing treatment, several raw materials placed together for further processing.

② smelting

The purpose of melting is to melt the pure metal material, and to ensure that the alloy liquid "clear, accurate, are, net." "Clear" means that all the metal material is melted, and some metals have a higher melting point and should try to make them completely melted. "Quasi" is to ensure that the design of alloy components, to be accurate composition. The reasons for the composition is not allowed to volatile metal and oxidation loss, for which the general induction furnace vacuum melting, vacuum should reach 10-2 ~ 10-3 Pa above. "Average" means the ingredients are uniform. This is generally about 2.5 kHz IF induction furnace melting, its electromagnetic stirring ability. After the charge is melted, stir with high power for a period of time to ensure uniform ingredients. "Net" is to ensure that the alloy fluid clean to prevent inclusions and gas pollution. The main source of inclusions is the contamination of the charge itself and the reaction of the crucible.

Melted out of the alloy there are two main states: one is ingot, the other is rapid-curing tablets. Equipment for the production of alloy ingot vacuum induction melting furnace, the production of quick-setting equipment is vacuum induction quick-setting furnace. At present the production process is more common is the use of vacuum induction quick-setting furnace melting out of the quick-curing tablets. Shown below is a picture of a vacuum induction quick-setting furnace and a fused quick-setting chip.


Vacuum induction quick-setting furnace 


 Fast condensate tablets

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