Market Distribution and Location of Sinterd Neodymium Magnets

- Nov 01, 2017 -

    There are many types of magnets in the market, because the role of different types of magnets are not the same, each magnet has a different material, so the use of each magnet are relatively fixed. Sinterd Neodymium Magnets as a new star of the magnet family, was born in 1982, Japan, because in the same volume of magnets, Sinterd Neodymium Magnets have unparalleled magnetic effect, which is why it is called "magnetic king" the reason. It is precisely because of this super magnetic force, NdFeB market distribution and positioning on the different.

    Sinterd Neodymium Magnets are mainly used in the field of modern industrial machinery and electronic technology. Modern industrial machinery compared to a hundred years ago the machinery has been more refined, a machine in the useless, or the role of small parts are removed, the remaining parts are more refined, the volume is smaller, which requires the use The magnets of such machines are to remain, even more than the original magnets, but to be smaller in size; the same is true of the field of electronics, whether it is the type of household appliances in life or the equipment of a computer, Outside are in the miniaturization to promote the use of parts in this area are in the miniaturization. The Sinterd Neodymium Magnets from the material to the production process are different from the former, which also determines the market positioning of NdFeB magnets.

       On the other hand, as the market positioning of Sinterd Neodymium Magnets is a variety of high-tech fields, so whether the production process, or market distribution are around the demand side, so the main Ru iron boron market is located in the major high-tech park Inside, from here can also see the distribution of the market for the impact of raw materials transport.

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