Micro motors are introduced using magnets

- Nov 01, 2017 -

What ndfeb magnets is the micro-motor?
  At present, most motor manufacturers are using NdFeB magnets to do motor magnets and motor magnets, a small number of motor manufacturers will use samarium cobalt magnet and permanent magnet ferrite do motor magnet.
  1, samarium cobalt with high temperature (400 ℃), metallic color shiny, the price is relatively high, considering the micro-point is rarely used samarium cobalt.
  2, permanent ferrite, because the high temperature (400 ℃ or so) this is better than NdFeB is no doubt, but! To the ferrite to do micro-motor matching, so sophisticated, process cost requirements are high, while the scrap rate is also high, because easy to break or wear angle.
  3, and the use of NdFeB magnet to do the magnet magnet permanent magnet motor small size, light weight, torque - inertia ratio is high, the servo system response, power and speed / weight ratio, high starting torque, saving electricity. The shape of the motor magnet and the motor magnet are mostly tile type, ring or trapezoidal, and can be used in different motor motors, such as permanent magnet motor, AC motor, DC motor, linear motor, brushless motor and so on.

The following describes the NdFeB.
  (1) people usually use the magnet's attraction and repulsive force to drive, generally will choose radial symmetrical magnetized tile-type magnet to make a ring, sintered NdFeB is anisotropic material, can not be made into a customer Want a slightly more complex magnetization direction.
  (2) NdFeB also sintered NdFeB with bonded NdFeB, and bonded NdFeB more recognized by the industry. At present, there are manufacturers can also do bonding NdFeB magnets of the radio-type magnetization, but the size of the brand has a lot of requirements (table magnetic strength), and magnetic properties are also stable, consistent process requirements, while the mold coil And magnetic fixtures are very expensive, if not a stable quality supplier, very few manufacturers will choose to bond NdFeB. But if your home is a company that produces high-quality micro-motors, that bonded NdFeB is definitely your first choice for the magnets in each section.

At present, the wheel is the domestic or foreign, motor motor magnet demand is very large, the magnet is its core components, in the micro motor, small and medium-sized motor and large generators, many are used NdFeB permanent magnet materials. NdFeB permanent magnet motor does not drive wire coil and core, in order to achieve the same air gap magnetic field, the magnetic volume of the magnetic field than the original location of the small, no loss does not heat. Therefore, in order to get the same output characteristics, the size of the machine, the weight can be reduced a lot; or the same volume, weight, output power can be increased a lot.

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