NdFeB and ordinary magnet which easy to use

- Nov 03, 2017 -

    Many people who are more careful about life will find that in fact many small things that seem inconsiderable in life but Haas has a lot of help for our life. In the case of a magnet, almost every family's house is backed up with magnets ranging from one piece to another, making it easy to use in your own life. For people, many things become troublesome if such gadgets go to life. However, people are more and more advanced science and technology, simple magnets can no longer meet people's needs, people found more practical metal material, that is, NdFeB.

    Many products in life begin to be recognized only after people continue to explore them, and people begin to study such materials. Like materials like neodymium iron boron, Bin did not know enough about it in the beginning, so people did not use it extensively. However, it was later discovered that NdFeB metal is naturally higher than the magnet, so people began to continue the processing of this material to create, so that people can now be more widely used NdFeB to make more Tool of.

     People continue to compare the process, people found that compared with the general magnet NdFeB adsorption force more powerful, in the course of its compact and practical than the average magnet is much stronger many. Feel more peace of mind when people use it. Therefore, people have enough praise for NdFeB, people feel that this material is the magnet can not match.

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