NdFeB and SmCo performance comparison!

- Nov 22, 2017 -

     How to choose suitable magnets for different operating temperatures, reduce costs and improve product quality has always been a problem that plagued many designers. The selected magnets are not resistant to high temperatures and cause problems during use, affecting the quality of the products. Choosing high temperature resistant Magnet, there is no loss of magnet performance, add unnecessary costs to the product?
Here we make a simple comparison of NdFeB and SmCo performance under high temperature conditions:
    At 150 degrees Celsius, NdFeB is the most powerful magnet, its magnetism is far stronger than other rare earth permanent magnets.
    Above 150 degrees Celsius, neodymium magnet magnetic weaker than samarium cobalt.
    NdFeB maximum operating temperature is 230 degrees, while SmCo can be a stable job in the 300 to 350 degrees Celsius environment.

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