NdFeB applications

- Nov 17, 2017 -

1, the application of microwave communication technology: In radar technology, satellite communication, remote telemetry technology, electronic tracking, electronic warfare technology needs to be used, magnetron, magnetron traveling wave tube, cathode ray tube, circulator, etc. Used NdFeB.

2, the application in electrical engineering: more than one-third of the output of rare earth permanent magnet material used to manufacture all kinds of permanent magnet motor, permanent magnet motor has the advantage of saving copper, power saving, light weight, small size, high specific power . Electric bicycle motors, computer-driven motors, lathes, such as the line speed and speed measurement motor, elevator traction motor, mahjong motor, refrigerator air conditioning motor, wind motor, motor vehicle motor and so a wide range of applications.

3, the application of electro-acoustic devices: speakers (speakers), microphones, hearing aids, stereo headphones (MP3, MP4), telephone receivers and electro-acoustic sensors and so on.

4, in the magnetic mechanical engineering applications: magnetic machinery including magnetic actuators, magnetic gears, magnetic brakes, magnetic fixtures, magnetic salvage equipment, magnetic bearings, magnetic pumps, magnetic valves, magnetic door, magnetic locks and permanent lifting , Permanent magnet handling machines.

5, in the transport of vehicles: the principle of the same sex reprimand the manufacture of the train is called maglev train; modern luxury cars need to use 15-70 permanent magnet devices, such as: windshield wiper motor, motor oil pump, open the window Motor, door lock motor, to fog motor, automatic steam controller, starting motor.

6, in the magnetic separation technology: the use of magnetic methods to ferromagnetic material and non-ferromagnetic material separated from the technology known as magnetic separation technology. Magnetic separation technology in the beneficiation, coal preparation, raw material processing, water treatment, garbage disposal and in the medical, chemical and food industries have been widely used.

7, the application of magnetization technology: the use of magnetic field of the material magnetization, change the bonding state and nature of the material being magnetized; or change the atomic and electronic states, and promote the chemical reaction of the material and the combustion of the fuel; or change the crystallization of the material Form or freezing point, this technology is called magnetization technology. Magnetizer, fuel-saving car in the car, oil wax prevention in petroleum exploitation and so on.

8, in the magnetic therapy and fitness equipment applications: such as magnetic cups, magnetic ball, magnetic machine, magnetic shoes, magnetic treatment cap, magnetic bracelets, necklaces, as well as in recent years the rapid development of medical equipment NMR Resonance Imager (MRI) the amount of each of the 3 - 4 tons, imagine if each hospital in China with an MRI NdFeB dosage should be!

In short, since the invention of NdFeB in 1983 every year since the emergence of new areas of application, the annual increase of 30% or more, the application prospect is very broad.

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