NdFeB four-in-one surface treatment

- Nov 22, 2017 -

NdFeB degreasing, rust, passivation rust, sealing four-in-one surface treatment

NdFeB degreasing:

Alkaline degreasers, emulsifiers, and organic degreasing on the neodymium iron boron corrosion is very small, degreasing rust easily washed to form a rust-colored yellow film;

NdFeB pickling:

Neodymium iron boron easily oxidized, neodymium easy to absorb moisture, shorten the processing steps can reduce the NdFeB saving, the greater part of the corrosion of NdFeB generated in the pickling process, the application of more dilute nitric acid + corrosion inhibitor, acid Neat time requirements are short, due to dilute nitric acid oxidation, easy to cause the neodymium iron is oxidized, dilute nitric acid quickly from colorless to yellow, the main points of the formation of neodymium and iron compounds; pickling time is too long, the surface area Gray, not easy to clean, pickled surface is in the activated state, easier to rust;

NdFeB passivation:

NdFeB production process is different from the stainless steel, etc. formed by melting, mainly powder bonding and sintering formation, neodymium, iron and boron intergranular structure is not dense, is a microporous material containing a binder, strong oxidizing Acid passivation solution will only increase the corrosion; alkaline passivation solution for iron-based products (including stainless steel passivation, the effect is relatively general), the general alkaline passivation solution for NdFeB still mainly temporary Rust effect, plus closed treatment, the effect may be better, alkaline passivation degreasing, washing, pickling, washing, passivation, washing and other one step can not be less, plus closed, or even alcohol cleaning, working hours and costs Relatively large; Phosphating for NdFeB surface treatment, can only play a temporary rust-proof, complex process;


NdFeB sealing process:

NdFeB sealing is mainly used for electroplating or electroless plating pretreatment, bubbles after painting also need sealing treatment;


NdFeB four-in-one treatment:

Based on the analysis of neodymium, iron and process, the development of degreasing, rust, passivation rust, sealing four in one, room temperature (temperature 30-40 degrees better), the use of ultrasound with neodymium iron boron four in one treatment solution Do cleaning treatment, the time is generally about 10 minutes, less surface oil, only showing rust (not rust) of NdFeB products do four in one treatment is suitable, the effect is better than phosphating, it is suitable for the post-treatment process Treatment: electroplating, electroless plating, electrostatic spraying, epoxy resin);


Neodymium iron boron four-in-one surface treatment is targeted at the development of simple and effective pre-treatment, NdFeB treatment more energy-saving even greater

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