NdFeB magnet remanence jargon is what

- Nov 03, 2017 -

neodymium iron boron magnets remanence and coercivity is the magnetic field has long been generally used two physical quantities, respectively, from the magnetic saturation conditions monotonically reduce the magnetic field strength H demagnetization curve obtained when the vertical axis B and horizontal axis H intersection coordinates .

Among them, the current transformer is one of the important equipments in the power system, and its performance has an impact on the measurement, measurement, monitoring, treasured and wave recording ranging. Because the current transformer in operation generally exists the residual magnetism, The harm is greater, and the residual magnetism once produced, will not take the initiative to dissipate, in the normal operating conditions exist for a long time, so the current transformer residual magnetization affect the power system is stable, reliable operation and accurate measurement and measurement.

The information recorded in the NdFeB magnet material is retained as residual flux. From the point of view of improving tape output, it is hoped that Br should be as large as possible.

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