NdFeB magnetic parts of the anti-rust phosphating process

- Nov 21, 2017 -

First, the process

Baskets → degreasing → cold water washing 1 → pickling light → cold water washing 2 → surface conditioning → cold water washing 3 → rust-proof phosphating → post-treatment

Second, the Phosphating preparation process and precautions

(A) loaded basket

Can use multi-level or multi-format plastic basket (basket). The purpose is to leave gaps between the phosphated parts.

(B) degreasing

Neutral degreaser: 5%;

Liquid temperature: 60 ~ 90 ℃ (ultrasonic equipment without heating);

Time: to remove the surface oil is appropriate.

(C) cold water wash 1

Time: not less than 1 minute (depending on the parts surface water film uniform continuous);

Mode of operation: basket (basket) need to move up and down in the sink to enhance the cleaning effect

(D) pickling light

Pickling liquid concentration: 3% HNO3;

Time: uniform surface gloss color appropriate;

A light tank requirements: To acid

(E) cold water wash 2

Washing method: water rinse

Time: not less than 1 minute (be sure to wash the residual acid)

Mode of operation: pickled light basket moved to sink cold water washing 2 hours, faster, so as to avoid corrosion of parts.

(F) surface adjustment

Oxalic acid: 25g / L;

Temperature: room temperature

Time: 1 minute

(Seven) cold water wash 3

Washing method: two countercurrent rinsing

(H) rust phosphating

Phosphating: Antirust phosphating solution concentration HH951 special antirust phosphating solution: water = 1: (7 ~ 9)

Anti-rust phosphating solution capacity: 15 ~ 20m2 / kg

Phosphating fluid maintenance: the use of regular adjustments to maintain its concentration

(IX) Post-processing

1. After anti-rust phosphating process do not wash, the natural dry or hot air dry (can rust one year).

2. Long-term rust-proof products, rust-proof phosphate, dried, and then anti-rust anti-dehydration oil, and drying or drying. Finally, you can not see the oil on the surface, but with a layer of rust-proof film. Drainage anti-rust oil, water should be used to drain tank.

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