NdFeB magnetic power generator introduction

- Nov 17, 2017 -

NdFeB magnetic power generator project

First, the project overview

Neodymium iron boron magnetic power generator is a kind of power generation device that does not depend on the space-time limitation. It can generate magnetic power at any place and at any time, and does not need to supplement any traditional energy sources. It NdFeB permanent magnet material as the main energy source, according to the principle of the same pole repulsion of the magnetic field, the magnetic energy is converted to mechanical energy. It has the advantages of zero energy consumption, no environmental pollution, small footprint, low manufacturing cost, maintenance-free, no radiation and huge power generation. Compared with the traditional generator, it has the following advantages

(A) repeated regeneration cycle

Because NdFeB magnet motor generator is made of permanent magnet metal parts of the generator, which can be repeated numerous times the cycle of recycling applications, to confirm that the name of "renewable magnetic energy generator." As the NdFeB magnet power generator longer working life, it can be a one-time work of up to 3-6 million hours, and both cycle (repeated regeneration of practicality) of the unique features. NdFeB magnetic power generator design standards is that it reaches 3-6 million hours after each cycle of regeneration, after re-repair, replacement of the main bearing, spindle and some of the electric control, re-assembly after the set of magnetic motor, Rotor can be re-applied. It can really be repeated regeneration, repeated use. It's application cycle of 3-6 million hours each time, the expiration of renewable repair and rearrangement can be factory.

(B) energy efficient

The average power generation efficiency of ordinary generators is only 45% ~ 55%, while NdFeB magnetic power generators work efficiency as high as 85%. It is understood that at present, South Korea, Japan, the United States and other countries have also developed a neodymium iron boron magnetic power generator, its technical level, the volume per cubic meter, the output function of the energy is inefficient, and they have not yet mastered the magnetic energy And magnetic field line grouping special frequency conversion technology; the United States, Japan, France, Britain, Germany and other countries have not exceeded the technical standards, their energy efficiency has not yet reached 88% of the standard line.

(C) simple structure, high reliability

Neodymium iron boron magnetic power generator eliminates the common generator excitation winding, carbon brush, slip ring structure, the whole structure is simple, to avoid excitation generator excitation winding easy to burn, broken, brush, slip ring easy to wear, etc. Fault, greatly improved reliability.

(D) small size, light weight, high power

NdFeB magnetic power generator internal structure design is very compact arrangement, volume, weight greatly reduced. Simplified permanent magnet rotor structure, but also allows the rotor to reduce the moment of inertia, practical speed increases, than the power (ie, power, volume ratio) reached a very high value.

(E) can significantly extend the battery life, reduce battery maintenance

Neodymium iron boron magnetic power generator high precision voltage regulator, charging effect is good, the battery using small current pulse charging, the same charge current charging better, thereby extending the battery life.

(F) no radio interference

NdFeB magnetic power generator brushless, no slip ring structure, eliminating the carbon brush and slip ring friction generated radio interference; eliminate the spark, especially suitable for work in a more explosive environment, but also lower The generator of the ambient temperature requirements.

Second, the market demand forecast

Due to the unique advantages of NdFeB magnetic power generator determines its wide range of applications, it can be designed and manufactured into 10 horsepower / Taiwan, 100 horsepower / Taiwan, 300 horsepower / Taiwan and 3,000 horsepower -35 million horsepower / Taiwan's magnetic power generators; according to the needs of production users, it is applied to a variety of vehicles, all kinds of ships, all kinds of machinery, robots, aircraft, Dazhong Xiao specifications of power plants and many other aspects. It can directly replace petroleum and coal to generate electricity. It can build a variety of facilities such as local power stations, community power stations and mines (at the same time, it can also be used for military applications to create self-made navigation torpedoes, mines, underwater Robots and aircraft and other military equipment).

Third, the main raw materials and public works conditions

The main material of neodymium iron boron magnetic generator is high strength permanent magnetic material neodymium iron boron. At present, the permanent magnetic NdFeB materials can be "the world's permanent magnet king", and the main magnetic energy of NdFeB materials made of special properties derived from rare earths in China, the NdFeB magnetic material content of iron is accounted for 60-70%, (rare earth) neodymium accounts for 28-33%, of which (rare earth) dysprosium accounts for 7-10%, while minerals boron accounts for 5-6%.

China's production of NdFeB magnetic material production capacity of the actual equipment, can reach 8 to 100,000 tons of the target range. It is understood that the existing production of thousands of enterprises across the country, China's three major sources of rare earth resources (Baotou, Jiangxi, Sichuan) in order to extend the development of NdFeB magnet industry chain, are accelerating the construction of NdFeB magnet industry chain. China's rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB industry will still maintain the pace of development of more than 20%, the output has accounted for 40% of the world total.

Fourth, investment estimates and static analysis of benefits

The superiority of neodymium iron boron magnetic power generator set is self-evident, the following simple comparison method to explain the "neodymium iron boron magnetic power generator set" with the existing diesel engine, turbine, internal combustion engine unparalleled superiority.

120KW diesel engine weighs 2.6 tons, "NdFeB magnetic power generator" weighs 0.4 tons, can save 2.2 tons of steel; 120KW diesel engine as a driving force, every day burning diesel 180 kilograms, and "NdFeB magneto power generator" only need 0.4 kg of oil, you can issue the same amount of electricity.

2000KW thermal power station, per kilowatt-hour consumption of 400 grams of coal, need 0.8 tons of coal per hour, need 19.2 tons of coal per day, annual need to burn 7008 tons of coal per tonne of coal calculated at 260 yuan per year as much as 1.82 million yuan ; And "NdFeB magnetic power generating units" only 146 kg of lubricating oil can be normal operation, the supply of electricity.

Through the above comparative analysis of investment costs can be seen, NdFeB magnetic power generator set as a new space-time power generation device limited, its investment cost is also very competitive.

As "NdFeB magnet power generator" is a self-contained generator set, no external energy, no external power supply, just lubricating oil, so the power generation cost is only 0.015 yuan / KWh. The electricity by 0.10 yuan / KWh calculation (the current market electricity 0.4-0.7 yuan / KWh), substantial economic benefits.

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