NdFeB magnetic surface treatment

- Nov 21, 2017 -

NdFeB magnetic material surface treatment, a new stable and mature, high efficiency and low cost of the processing technology, better than phosphating NdFeB magnetic materials are neodymium, iron oxide and other alloys. Also known as magnet. The company is located in:

NdFeB magnetic material grades are: N30 ~ N52; 30H ~ 50H; 30SH ~ 50SH; 28UH ~ 40UH; 30EH ~ 35EH and so on. The company is located in:

The third generation of rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB is the most powerful permanent magnet in the contemporary magnet. Its BHmax value is 5-12 times that of ferrite magnets, 3-10 times that of AlNiCo magnets; its coercive force is equivalent to 5-10 times that of ferrite magnets, 5- 15 times its potential high magnetic properties, can absorb the weight equivalent to 640 times its own weight. The company is located in:

As the main raw material of NdFeB magnet iron is very cheap, the storage of rare earth neodymium 10-16 times more than samarium, so the price is much lower than the SmCo magnet. The company is located in:

The mechanical properties of neodymium-iron-boron magnets are better than those of samarium-cobalt magnets and alnico magnets, making them easier to cut and drill and complex shapes. The company is located in:

The disadvantage of the NdFeB magnet is its poor temperature performance, high magnetic loss at high temperature and high maximum working temperature. Generally about 80 ℃, after special treatment of the magnet, the maximum operating temperature up to 200 ℃. The company is located in:

As the material contains a lot of neodymium and iron, so easy to rust is also a major weakness. Therefore, NdFeB magnets must be surface coating. Electroless nickel (Ni), zinc (Zn), gold (Au), chromium (Cr), epoxy (Epoxy) and so on.

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