NdFeB magnetic tile

- Nov 17, 2017 -

NdFeB magnetic tile, simply a magnets, and we usually see the magnet is different, its excellent magnetic properties and is called "magnetic king." NdFeB contains a lot of rare earth elements neodymium, iron and boron, its characteristics hard and brittle. Since the surface is easily oxidized, NdFeB must be surface-treated. Surface chemical passivation is one of the current good solutions. NdFeB as rare earth permanent magnet material with a high magnetic energy product and coercivity, while the advantages of high energy density NdFeB permanent magnet materials in modern industrial and electronic technology has been widely used, so that the instrument Instrument, electro-acoustic motor, magnetic separation and other equipment, magnetic miniaturization, lightweight, thin as possible. The advantages of neodymium iron boron is cost-effective, with good mechanical properties; inadequacies in the Curie temperature is low, poor temperature characteristics, and easy to powder corrosion, it must be adjusted by chemical composition and surface treatment to be improved , In order to achieve the practical application requirements. NdFeB magnetic tile is mainly used in permanent magnet dc motors, and electromagnetic motor excitation coil through the magnetic potential source is different, permanent magnet motor is a permanent magnetic material to produce a constant magnetic potential. Permanent magnetic shingles instead of electrical excitation has many advantages, allowing the motor structure is simple, easy maintenance, light weight, small size, reliable use, with less copper, low copper consumption, low energy consumption.


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