NdFeB magnets powder particles require

- Nov 01, 2017 -

The average particle size of the NdFeB magnets is measured by the average particle size meter. The size of the magnetic powder particles is 3 ~ 5um. The magnetic particle size distribution is measured by the particle size distribution instrument. The particle size of the powder particles is 3 ~ 5um 80%, 90%, less than 1um Of the powder, less than 15% in the production. More than 5um to be as small as possible, the powder particle size frequency distribution is normal distribution or Gaussian part.

On the oxygen content requirements, early preparation of magnetic vacuum in the 10-2Pa, with nitrogen protection. When the powder is pulverized by airflow, the amount of airflow is less than 50 ppm.

On the shape of the magnetic powder, the powder particles are spherical or nearly spherical, the powder particles of the crystal particles to be as little as possible.

To do more than the requirements of the magnetic particles are sintered NdFeB the most basic basic homework.

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