NdFeB physical effect

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Neodymium iron boron is a national 863 project planning high-tech materials, are high-end rare earth materials. In medical terms, NdFeB is currently widely used in physical magnetotherapy. The traditional magnetic therapy due to the use of ordinary magnets, so the magnetic field effect is not prominent, therefore, has not been able to pay attention to the medical profession. Since the National 863 Program has extensively developed NdFeB magnetic minerals, due to its excellent magnetic properties, and produced a biological magnetic field that simulates the characteristics of the human magnetic field, NdFeB has been widely used in medical fields in comparison with the traditional magnetic Therapeutic effect, the role of more prominent. Acting on the human body to correct the magnetic field of the human body itself, and by promoting the bioelectromagnetic energy of the human meridian to promote the operation through the gas, so as to achieve the meridians, increase blood supply to the brain, reduce the excitability of the peripheral nerve of the cerebral cortex, increase the lung, Spleen, liver, and perianal and other organs and local blood supply oxygen to promote local blood circulation, and venous return, reduce capillary permeability.

       1. Nervous system diseases: such as insomnia, neurasthenia, headache and so on.

       2. Osteoarthritis muscle system diseases: cervical spondylosis, bone hyperplasia, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, such as disc herniation.

       3. Others: Hypertension, cerebral insufficiency, cerebral blood flow slow, cerebral infarction, bronchitis, asthma, hemorrhoids, constipation and other systemic diseases, and the pain caused by these diseases, numbness and other symptoms.

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