NdFeB structure is how the crystal structure

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Perhaps you know  neodymium iron boron is "magnetic king", you know it is rare earth permanent magnet. But do you know how it came from? What kind of structure does it have?

NdFeB is Nd2Fel4B compound based rare earth permanent magnet alloy. Therefore, NdFeB has very good permanent magnet properties. NdFeB permanent magnet alloy is also called the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet alloys. NdFeB is the main source of permanent magnet properties, NdFeB grains are polygons, NdFeB generally accounts for more than 90% of the total volume; the other is rich Neodymium phase and boron-rich equivalent. In the sintered magnet, the boron-rich phase of NdFeB exists in an isolated block or granular form, and the neodymium-rich phase surrounds the main phase grains in a thin layer along the grain boundary or the grain boundary.

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