Neodymium iron boron demand and potential of new energy vehicles

- Nov 10, 2017 -


From the perspective of energy saving and emission reduction, energy-saving and new energy vehicles can be divided into three categories. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, the first type of vehicles has certain advantages in fuel consumption, which is abbreviated as energy-saving vehicle. These include traditional cars with fuel-saving technology, advanced diesel vehicles, partially-refueled vehicles and mild hybrid vehicles. The second type of car has better fuel economy, mainly hybrid ratio of more than 40% of hybrid vehicles, including medium and heavy hybrid vehicles. The third type of car can do almost rely on fuel to provide power, mainly including pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

From a technical point of view, pure electric vehicle batteries, motors, electric control system technology is not yet mature, facilities are not yet perfect, the market needs time, so hybrid vehicles are expected to get better development, and hybrid passenger Cars and buses are expected to take the lead in development.

Article from NdFeB Industry Network

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