Neodymium iron boron surface treatment related knowledge

- Nov 18, 2017 -

Neodymium iron boron as rare earth permanent magnet material with a high magnetic energy product and coercivity, while the advantages of high energy density NdFeB permanent magnet materials in modern industrial and electronic technology has been widely used, so that the instrument Instrument, electro-acoustic motor, magnetic separation and other equipment, magnetic miniaturization, lightweight, thin as possible. The advantages of neodymium iron boron is cost-effective, with good mechanical properties; NdFeB contains a lot of rare earth elements neodymium, iron and boron, the characteristics of hard and brittle. At the same time, neodymium and other rare earth metals is very lively, so that the material is easy to powder corrosion, you must adopt surface treatment methods or to adjust its chemical composition to be improved in order to achieve practical application requirements. Due to the adjustment of the ingredients will change its performance, so the surface treatment is more important.

    NdFeB galvanized zinc chloride used in general, from the domestic production point of view, galvanized is the largest plating species, especially the electric bicycle magnet plating more prominent. Plating advantages are cheap, convenient, zinc layer is not ferromagnetic. The disadvantage is wear resistance, weather resistance than nickel plating. After galvanized coating generally passivation treatment, due to the elimination of hexavalent chromium passivation, the common passivation is trivalent chromium blue and white passivation and trivalent chromium color passivation. Of course, zinc passivation can also be as rich as hardware; however, the current mainstream is trivalent chromium blue and white passivation.


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