Not rusty magnet---Ferrite magnet

- Nov 22, 2017 -

    With the constant technological reform and the increasing demands in the high-tech industries in the Pearl River Delta, there has been a renewal of the warranty period for the product parts in the digital electric products (such as smartphones, smart watches, IPADs) and brushless energy saving and environmental protection industries in recent two years So the new production process after another, prompting all walks of life to the high-end.So ferrite magnets is now an indispensable part of these high-end electronics, electrical products and customers, because it does not rust, no oxidation, no corrosion and absolute Environmental protection.

     Why ferrite magnets will not rust?

     Ferrite magnet Chemical name is the main composition of ferriferous oxide is: Fe3O4. Is already iron oxide, so to be oxidized again, it is very difficult.

 Other magnets, the main ingredient of which is iron, are made of magnetized metal iron or other elements that, like other iron and steel, can be oxidized to rust and partially oxidized.

   There are several advantages to choosing a ferrite magnet:

Low cost, low price Cheap raw materials, manufacturing process is simple

2. Temperature stability it can be used at -40 degrees Celsius and +350 degrees Celsius.

3 is just mentioned does not rust.

     Has been widely used in the electro-acoustic, electrical, electrical appliances, toys and other major industries.

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