Performance Analysis of Domestic SH Series Sintered NdFeB Magnets

- Nov 09, 2017 -


The appearance of sintered NdFeB permanent magnet motor has promoted the development of permanent magnet motor.But the irreversible demagnetization problem of permanent magnet motor caused by the consistency and thermal stability of industry rare earth magnets material has been troubling the popularization of strongest rare earth magnet permanent magnet motor Through the existing laboratory equipment, the domestic and more than 200 pieces of SH series sintered NdFeB permanent magnets were tested under normal temperature and high temperature.According to the test results and IEC standards of ndfeb magnets materials and Chinese national standards, The thermal stability and consistency are analyzed. It is pointed out that in addition to meeting the current standards, the sintered neodymium-iron boron material for motor must meet the HK / HcJ and temperature coefficient α (Br) of intrinsic coercivity curve, α (HcJ) requirements.

At present, the remanent magnetic induction Br at room temperature has reached 1147T, the intrinsic coercivity HcJ has reached 2786kA / m and the maximum energy product reaches 42118kJ / m3. NdFeB Magnetic materials used in a variety of motors, not only can significantly reduce the weight of the motor to reduce the size of the motor size, and can be highly efficient energy-saving effect, improve the performance of the motor.But so far,

Due to the production technology and technical reasons of domestic permanent magnet materials, many domestic motor manufacturers can only estimate the qualified permanent magnets into the motor when the motor is designed and installed. As a result, the reliability of the motor is reduced and not only occurs during operation The actual operation of the motor parameters and design parameters vary greatly in some occasions also occurred irreversible demagnetization (also known as demagnetization), which greatly limits the rare earth permanent magnet motor in many ways.

In order to promote super strong magnets materials widely used in motor and other fields, this paper through a large number of experiments on the motor with domestic SH series NdFeB permanent magnet performance analysis and comparison.

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