Physical and Chemical Properties of Rare Earth

- Nov 01, 2017 -

First, the lack of sulfides and sulphates (only very few), indicating that rare earth elements with pro-oxygen;
Second, the rare earth silicate is mainly island, there is no layer, frame and chain structure;
Third, some rare earth minerals (especially complex oxides and silicates) show an amorphous state;
Fourth, the distribution of rare earth minerals, magmatic rocks and pegmatite in the silicate and oxide-based, in the hydrothermal deposits and weathering shell deposits in the fluorocarbonates, phosphate-based. Most of the yttrium-rich minerals are present in granite rocks and related pegmatite, gas-filled hydrothermal deposits and hydrothermal deposits.
Five rare earth elements due to its atomic structure, chemical and crystalline chemical properties are similar and often symbiotic in the same mineral, that is, cerium rare earth and yttrium rare earth elements often coexist in a mineral, but these elements are not the same amount of coexistence, some Minerals containing cerium-based rare earth, and some minerals are mainly yttrium.
In the discovery of more than 250 kinds of rare earth minerals and rare earth elements of minerals, suitable for the current conditions of industrial smelting only 10 kinds of industrial minerals.

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