PM motor removal steps and maintenance

- Nov 16, 2017 -


PM motor removal steps:

Remove the pulleys or couplings with pullers, remove the tail fan cover, and remove the front bearing cover screws and the front and rear cover screws. Larger motor, before the demolition with the needle on the two end caps and base, make the original fixed position of the mark, with a wooden hammer percussion front shaft, so that the rotor and the rear cover from the base release , Then remove the rotor from the stator. When taking the rotor must pay attention to, do not let rotor abrasion stator winding insulation.


Permanent magnet motor bearings observed whether damaged, lubricating oil deterioration, dry. Seize the bearing outer ring by hand before and after shaking to see if it is too loose. Such as checking the bearing normal, do not disassemble, with kerosene or diesel bearing cleaning, such as checking the problem can be used to remove the bearings pull.


In case of shaft and bearing too tight or rust, can be used to solve the heating method. Wrap the shaft with asbestos rope and heat the bearings quickly and uniformly to 250 ° C with a torch-type oxy-acetylene flame. Cold dismantling method: the bad bearing the following wood pad with a good hammer with iron hammer to the periphery to break, remove the outer ring, with a hand-held grinder grinding the inner ring of the bearing cut an opening (do not cut, so as not to damage the rotor Journals), and then hammer the inner ring, the incision rupture remove the inner ring.


In the replacement of bearings, direct installation easy to scratch the rotor shaft. Generally smaller bearings can be installed directly in the installation of a larger replacement bearings, it is best to put the bearings into the oven heating, when the temperature to about 100 ℃, the bearing will be hot while the rotor journal, with steel tube sleeve Shaft, bearing inner ring, beat the pipe evenly to put the shaft in place. Note: When installing bearings, bearing the model side should be outward facing, so that the future check replacement.


Press half the capacity of the bearing grease plus grease, high speed can be slightly less, the speed can be slightly lower. Excessive refueling will lead to overheating of the bearing, lubricating oil thinning out, swept by the rotor blades in the stator winding, the insulation between the windings decreased, resulting in breakdown short circuit, the motor winding burned. Commonly used lubricants calcium-based fat, nano-fat base, such as lithium-based fat. Calcium-based grease has good water resistance, but poor heat resistance (≤ 70 ℃), sodium grease good heat resistance (≤ 120% :), but poor water resistance. Lithium grease has the advantages of both, but the price is higher. For the use of grease, please refer to the hardware manual. Users can choose according to actual needs.


Pay attention to grease cleaning, do not let it mixed with dust, iron filings, sand, if the contaminated grease added to the bearing, it will cause the bearing wear and tear to accelerate, so that the bearing damaged in advance. In short, as a result of bearing damage caused by the rotor swept broom, burned the motor winding a lot of cases, should focus.

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