Powerful magnet degaussing

- Nov 07, 2017 -

The size of the magnet's magnetic force is determined at the time when the raw material is sintered. The subsequent magnetization just activates the molecules in the material and makes the magnetic expansion. Well, if you want to demagnetize the magnetized magnet, what should you do?

       Magnetizer allows the magnetic molecular expansion of the magnet, so degaussing as long as the magnetism of the magnetic molecules at different points on it. The simplest way is to demagnetize at high temperature. Generally, the temperature of the magnets is 80 degrees, so you only need to place the magnet on the fire and bake it for a few minutes to chaos its internal molecular arrangement. The magnet no longer has the magnetic force. of course. The most professional demagnetization method is the use of high temperature demagnetization box to demagnetization.

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