Problems and Analysis of China Magnetic Material Industry

- Nov 03, 2017 -

(1) standard system revision is backward

The backwardness of the standard system seriously restricts the development of China's magnetic materials industry. The main reason for the backward development of the standard system in the field of magnetic materials in our country is that the domestic industries in the field of magnetic materials have started up late, developed slowly and have not yet formed a complete industrial structure.

(2) lack of testing standards

From the statistical data, China's current product testing standards are very scarce. The scarcity of testing standards has led to the adoption of different standards by the relevant agencies in the testing process, resulting in confusion and detrimental to the overall development of the industry.

(3) standard autonomy is not strong

At present, China is already a veritable producer of magnetic material products. It is also a global magnetic material manufacturing base. Half of the total output of magnetic materials is exported. As a leading company in the industry, such as Tung Magnetic Group, In the forefront, but also in the research and development of high-end products has gradually reached the advanced world level. However, in general, the products manufactured in China are still mainly low-end products. Most of the enterprises mainly think that the raw materials of foreign enterprises make a living, while the standards are subject to foreign restrictions.

(4) There is a big gap with foreign countries

Compared with the standard number of developed countries and the standard ratio, there is still a big gap in our country. This is even more so in the field of magnetic materials and their products. For many years, Western Europe and the United States, mainly those with Britain, France and Germany, have been putting a lot of energy And time on international and regional standardization activities in an attempt to maintain long-term control over the technical power of international standards and to spare no effort to turn domestic standards into international standards. Therefore, the magnetic material standard adopts the European standard and the ieC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard has a large proportion. However, there is a big gap between the magnetic material standard in our country and the unfavorable participation of the magnetic material industry in the international trade.

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