Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Motor Technology Development Trend

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Development and application of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor to expand the permanent magnet synchronous motor in various industries, rare earth permanent magnet motor is the most significant performance characteristics of light, high performance, high efficiency and energy saving. High-performance rare earth permanent magnet motor is the foundation of many new and high-tech industries. It is combined with power electronics and microelectronic control technology to produce a wide range of mechatronic products with superior performance such as CNC machine tools, machining centers, flexible production lines, robots, electric vehicles, high-performance home appliances, computers and more. With the continuous development of rare earth permanent magnet motor technology, the industry gradually presents the following trends.

To energy-efficient direction

Rare earth permanent magnet motor is an energy-efficient products, the average saving rate of up to 10% or more, dedicated rare earth permanent magnet motor can be as high as 15% to 20%.

Energy-saving motor divided into two aspects. On the one hand, the reform of asynchronous motor structure, improve efficiency and other properties, asynchronous motor with its simple structure, low cost, to adapt to a variety of working conditions and other advantages are widely used in various fields of industrial production. Followed by the development of permanent magnet synchronous motor, you can achieve a higher power saving effect.

The main method to improve the motor efficiency in foreign countries is to reduce the winding loss and iron loss by increasing the amount of effective materials such as copper, aluminum, electrical steel plate and so on through the optimized design of asynchronous motor; using better magnetic materials and processes to reduce the iron loss: Reasonable design of ventilation structure and selection of high-performance bearings, reduce mechanical wear and tear; through the improvement of design and technology to reduce stray losses, foreign countries have developed high-efficiency induction motor. According to China's national conditions, high-performance rare earth permanent magnet materials have been industrialized, NdFeB production now ranks first in the world, NdFeB prices also tend to be reasonable. Therefore, the development of permanent magnet synchronous motor is one of the trends in the development of the motor industry in the new century.

To the direction of mechanical and electrical integration

To enhance the level of traditional mechanical and electrical products, we must firmly grasp the mechatronics this link. To achieve the basis of mechanical and electrical integration, is the development of various mechanical and electrical integration needs of a variety of high-performance rare earth permanent magnet motors, such as CNC machine tool servo motor, computer VCM voice coil motor. A 60 knife machining center, to be equipped with 30 servo motors. Frequency control of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor and brushless DC motor is the basis of mechanical and electrical integration.

To high-performance direction

Modern equipment presents a wide range of high-performance requirements to the motor industry, such as military equipment requirements for a variety of high-performance signal motors, mobile power stations, automation equipment servo systems and motors, aerospace high performance, high reliability permanent magnets Motor, chemical fiber equipment with high speed precision frequency control synchronous motor, CNC machine tools, machining centers, robots with high speed ratio rare earth permanent magnet servo motor, computer with high precision swing motor and spindle motor and so on.

To the direction of special motor

The load driven by the motor is ever-changing. If all motors are universal motors, in some cases, the technical economy is not reasonable. Therefore, foreign countries to develop special motors, special motors account for about 80% of the total output, General Motors accounted for 20%. On the contrary in our country, dedicated motor only accounts for 20%, general-purpose motor accounts for 80%. Dedicated motor is based on different characteristics of the load did not specifically, such as oil field with rare earth permanent magnet motor pumping unit, saving rate of up to 20%. There is great potential for saving energy in this area.

Motor workers should not only study the motor itself, but also study the characteristics of the driven load and design rare earth permanent magnet motor products with advanced performance, reliable operation and reasonable price.

Lightweight direction

Aerospace products, electric vehicles, CNC machine tools, computers, audio-visual products, medical equipment, portable optical mechatronics products, etc., all pose strict requirements on small and light weight motors. Permanent magnet synchronous motor with its small size, energy saving, good control performance, but also easy to make low-speed direct drive, eliminating gear reducer, frequency can be adjusted by the advantages of speed, etc., in the elevator technology to be developed and applied. I believe with the development of electronic technology and control technology, rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor technology toward energy efficient, mechatronics, high performance, special motors, light direction and the development of increasingly perfect.

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