Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic NdFeB and Fluid Magnetizing

- Nov 04, 2017 -

Many things in the world change under the action of strong magnetic fields. This phenomenon is called "magnetization." Magnetization technology is widely used to magnetize various fluids. Rare earth permanent magnet material NdFeB is the most magnetic permanent magnet material in the world today, and its appearance has greatly promoted the development of fluid magnetization technology.

Water is the fluid we use the most closely and most heavily. It is magnetized to "magnetized water" under the action of a strong magnetic field. The use of neodymium rare earth magnet magnetic water processor can be effectively used for water magnetization. Magnetic water usually stainless steel shell, which is embedded in a group of N pole and S pole opposite the NdFeB magnets to produce a strong magnetic field, when the water through the middle of the vertical direction by the magnetic field lines cut, the length and angle of the water molecule bond Will produce subtle changes, thus greatly improving the water activity.

In daily life, we often see the phenomenon of water scaling, which is due to dissolved calcium and magnesium bicarbonate in the water, the formation of calcium and magnesium carbonate precipitation on heating, the greater the hardness of water, the more scaling . Scale not only seriously affect the heat transfer, reducing heat transfer efficiency of various heat exchangers, increasing energy consumption, but also cause pipeline blockage. For this reason, many industrial and domestic uses require prior softening. Commonly used methods are ion exchange and chemical dosing method, which takes time and effort and consumes materials. NdFeB magnetic water processor, often can replace the above softening treatment, the same can play anti-scaling effect.

Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing) water cooling system, the past use of ion exchange method, not only consume materials, but also someone operating management. Then use NdFeB magnetic water processor (Beijing Sanhuan new material company to provide), neither power nor special management, as long as once for each cycle of water can be. The system can be used for cooling the entire Institute equipment, from 1991 to use today, has maintained good anti-scaling and anti-algae effect.

Nowadays, many large buildings are equipped with central air conditioners. Due to the high operating temperature of compressors, the cooling water needs to be quickly taken away by flowing cooling water. If tap water is used for cooling, fouling occurs, resulting in reduced heat exchange efficiency and decreased cooling capacity. The use of NdFeB magnetic water heater, also solved the problem of scaling water cooling system. NdFeB magnetic magnetic water heaters have also been used for central air conditioning heating water supply system, cold storage water supply systems and domestic hot water heat exchanger and so on.

Magnetized water can prevent and control the body's "scaling", often drinking magnetized water, the prevention and treatment of urinary tract stones, improve digestive function have a certain effect, so there are many mineral and magnetic cups and cups also use NdFeB permanent magnet pairs Water is magnetized. Due to the high activity of magnetized water, good solubility and permeability, rare earth permanent magnet magnetized water is also used for watering of agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry and livestock raising of poultry, and also obvious effects of increasing yield and increasing income.

NdFeB permanent magnet magnetization technology is also used in the wine industry. Inner Mongolia Wulanhaote brewing plant in the use of white wine in the magnetization, played a role in promoting aging, can shorten the aging time, but also improve the quality of liquor. Produced by the magnetization of liquor, taste sweet and sweet, tested by medical experts, moderate drinking, but also has the effect of lowering blood lipids and blood sugar.

Neodymium iron boron permanent magnet is also used for the magnetization of oil and gas fluids. In the oil exploration, oil production pipe wall also has "scaling" that is wax phenomenon, easy to make the oil pipe plug. The installation of NdFeB permanent magnet anti-wax paraffin, you can significantly reduce the wax, prolong the cleaning cycle, reducing the heavy washing wax operations, thus greatly improving the oil production efficiency.

NdFeB permanent magnet magnetization technology is also used for the magnetization of fuel gas. The car is equipped with NdFeB permanent magnet magnetization economizer, the fuel magnetization pretreatment, can make the fuel burn more fully, so that the average gasoline and diesel fuel economy rate of 5% -8%, and can reduce carbon monoxide in the exhaust And hydrocarbons and other harmful gas content, both energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Based on the same principle, it has also developed an energy-saving magnetizer for rare earth permanent magnet burning, which is used for cooking in daily boiling water. It also has the dual effects of energy saving and environmental protection.

 The emergence of the "generation of magnetic king" neodymium iron boron rare earth permanent magnet material makes the fluid magnetization technology has produced a leap. Beijing Beijing Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the main NdFeB permanent magnetic materials manufacturing enterprises in China, and has acquired the Japanese patent license, according to different magnetization technology to provide a variety of magnets. With the continuous development of industrial and agricultural production, rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB magnetization technology will be more and more widely used.

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