Rare earth to improve the overall performance of aluminum wire

- Nov 14, 2017 -


Rare earth aluminum wire is a method discovered by Chinese scientists that can effectively improve the conductivity of aluminum and other performance indicators. Rare earth elements are good scavengers and modifiers of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc and copper. Adding a few thousandths of rare earth in the smelting process can play a role of eliminating harmful impurities, refining grains and alloying more Significantly, whether it is cast aluminum or aluminum alloy processing, the addition of rare earth has played a role in improving performance.


The addition of rare earth in the aluminum wire can significantly improve the overall performance of wire and cable; silicon is the main impurity affecting the electrical conductivity of wire, and China's aluminum content of silicon in the higher, making China's previous production of aluminum wire conductivity often reach To the International Electrotechnical Commission standards, long plagued China's aluminum wire industry a major problem. Application of rare earth treatment of aluminum smelting, silicide in the liquid aluminum can be precipitated from the grain boundary, to overcome the harmful effects of silicon, and significantly improve the conductivity. At the same time, rare earth can also refine grains, improve the mechanical properties and processing performance of wire and cable. China's production of rare earth aluminum wire and cable, not only the electrical performance slightly higher than the International Electrotechnical Commission standards, but also than the average aluminum wire strength increased by 20%, corrosion resistance has doubled.

Article from NdFeB Industry Network

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