Ring magnet everywhere is the same big magnetism

- Nov 07, 2017 -

      In life we can really see a lot of things have a great relationship with the magnet, the magnet may not be very strange for the ring, this thing is positive and negative, sometimes used in the family, because It can absorb some iron material, some people will use it to absorb some of the smaller things, such as the needle, this method is the most common, but also the most practical. When in use, many people will be asking: ring magnet everywhere is the same big magnetic force?

       For the ring magnet in fact, it's not necessarily the same magnetic force in each place, first of all we have to talk about its shape, since it is ring-shaped, then each place contact with the object when the magnetic force is certainly not the same, plus The relationship between the surrounding temperature will also affect the magnetic force in various places. This is a physical phenomenon, not because of the ring magnet problem.

      So when we use the ring magnet, we must pay attention to the angle when using, of course, we must also consider the temperature of the surrounding environment. There is indeed such a big connection between magnetism and the surrounding environment. All of us have to think in many ways. The use of ring magnets is also more, and sometimes we will use it to physics classes. In teaching, many students may know that the use of magnetic ring to do the suspension, which is the physical content. In fact, when using two magnets, we will not only send them to attract each other, but also will appear the phenomenon of exclusion, it is also because of their positive and negative relations. The same level will have exclusion, if it is different levels will produce the same physical phenomenon. When doing the suspension is based on this principle.

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