Sinterd Neodymium Magnets use of the precautions

- Nov 01, 2017 -

    Sinterd Neodymium Magnets use a magnetite with a strong magnetic force, and because of the special structure, the magnetism is not used, and because of this feature it is also used in many sophisticated equipment, of course, some of our daily life In the consumption of goods, but for the use of NdFeB magnetic materials in the need to pay attention to what, what kind of precautions, few people know, then please carefully read below.

    NdFeB magnetic materials are produced in the process of elemental use of neodymium in rare earth, the most common iron and boron are produced after industrial treatment. Since such a structure can maintain a strong magnetic force, it is a permanent magnetic material. But also because of this structure and make it relatively loose, if the plant saw the NdFeB material is hard and brittle, that is, if the treatment is not easy to cause oxidation and rust, so the NdFeB magnets will be carried out Metal coating, as if it put on a layer of clothes, but still for the wet, chemical products, poor corrosion resistance. In other words, the general Sinterd Neodymium Magnets do not leak in a water-filled environment, or contact with chemical products. As the general NdFeB material is used for electronic products, improper handling of light will lead to poor contact between parts, heavy directly lead to product scrapped, the impact can be described as not heavy.

     Also in the use of NdFeB work products, should be careful not to violent collision, because the collision will be after the internal structure of Sinterd Neodymium Magnets damage, but also on the performance of Sinterd Neodymium Magnets. It is a very powerful magnets .So whether it is the seller or the user, in order to extend the NdFeB magnet working hours, please do preventive measures.

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