Sintered NdFeB finished product in the role of various devices

- Nov 23, 2017 -

1, Grinder: with abrasive or abrasive workpiece surface machining of various machines. Neodymium iron boron finished grinding machine can be divided into horizontal axis plane grinder, vertical axis surface grinder, surface forming grinder, coreless grinder, double grinder, flat surface grinder, profiled linear grinder and so on. Equipment can be processed into the shape of the required specifications or product specifications to achieve the required accuracy of the equipment. Chamfering machine is also a special grinder.

2, slicing machine: is the use of internal or external circular blade thin and uniform tissue machine. Is the process of processing large products into small pieces. The specific process is to be processed material with 502 glue stick to the substrate, and then 502 glue stick to the turret row. Load machine tool holder, cover the cover, set the program, start the motor, you can complete the process; and then after the material, baking, boiling, cleaning, water, testing can be completed. Processing cylindrical products can be completed once; processing square products, depending on the product, it is necessary to process many times, as we call a knife box, two knife box, three knife box. Can also be based on different raw materials and products, processing different specifications of products.


3, wire cutting: According to EDM principle, through the NC control of the monitoring and control, the implementation of servo institutions, the processing of processed objects to the size and shape of the desired accuracy of the process. Generally can be divided into the wire, walking wire and vertical spin-on wire-cut three categories. Wire cutting machine is divided into power, bed, wire tube, servo, workpiece table, guide wheel, nickel wire, water pump and other components.

4, lathe (instrument lathe): used to process cylindrical products, the use of turning tools will be processed into the cylindrical material needed products machinery. NdFeB production mainly cylindrical products chamfering, drilling, sets of holes, the use of special jacket can also be used for small square hole production.

5, drilling: the use of drill bits or cuttings in the material on the punch, cutting machinery. The main function is similar to the instrument lathe, the difference is that the lathe material rotation, the tool does not turn. Drilling is the tool rotation, the material does not turn. Therefore, drilling can also be used for shingles work. Instead of some specifications do not use wire cutting magnetic tile manufacturing, with the tile of the emery wheel linear grinder can produce high-precision, high surface requirements of the tile products.

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