SmCo magnet widely used in modern industry

- Nov 06, 2017 -

1, constant-speed drive: In recent years, Japan's Hitachi, Sanyo and other companies began to use samarium cobalt magnetic brushless motor instead of asynchronous motor frequency control, significantly improving efficiency, to obtain better energy-saving effect and further reduce the noise in The same rated power and rated speed, the single-phase asynchronous motor to be the volume and weight to be 100%, the samarium cobalt magnetic brushless DC motor volume is 38.6%, weight 34.8%, with a copper content of 20.9%, with Iron is 36.5%, efficiency increased by 10% or more, and convenient speed, price and induction motor speed control quite. Samarium cobalt magnetic brushless DC motor in the air conditioning applications to promote the upgrading of air-conditioning agent.
In recent years, practice shows that in order to reduce the volume, save materials, improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption and other factors, more and more asynchronous motor drives are being samarium cobalt magnetic brushless DC Motor gradually replaced.

2, speed control drive: AC samarium cobalt magnetic synchronous motor due to its small size, light weight, high efficiency and energy saving and a series of advantages, more and more people's attention, the control technology matures, the controller has been product. In recent years, the latest drive technology in the elevator industry is that it is in the synchronous motor speed control system, its small size, energy saving, good control performance, but also easy to make low-speed direct drive to eliminate gear reducer; its low noise, leveling accuracy and Comfort is superior to the previous drive system, suitable for use in machine roomless elevator.

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