Specific differences between single-sided magnets and double-sided magnets

- Nov 22, 2017 -

     Because of the occasion only need to have one side of the magnetic, the other side if there is magnetic, then the product itself will cause damage or interference, so this time you need to use single-sided magnets.
     Like some occasions, such as the magnet on the box is only required to have a magnetic side, the other side dispensable, there is no use of magnetic, so using single-sided magnetic will greatly reduce costs and save magnetic materials.
     In the magnet industry, single-sided magnetic and double-sided magnetic properties are the same, are neodymium iron boron magnets, but the single-sided magnets in terms of cost is relatively low, is assembled by a magnet housing a magnet, so wrapped The magnetic side will be shielded, the magnetic field will be refracted to the other side, the other side will be enhanced magnetic. The double-sided magnet is an ordinary wafer magnet, and no package.
     Single-sided magnet double-sided magnet price comparison
     Price, the same size of the single-sided magnets than the two-sided magnet is low, the magnetic strength of one side is not much difference

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