Strong magnet can be welded it

- Nov 06, 2017 -

The magnetism of NdFeB magnets is very strong, and it is also widely used in industrial applications. This type of magnet is generally not over-welded, and the idea of holding a heavy load by welding a pull-ring can not be achieved. If you want to make such a carrier, you can create a steel shell to load NdFeB magnets and then through the iron shell to attract heavy objects.

      The composition of the magnets is iron, cobalt, nickel and other atoms of the internal structure is rather special, the atom itself has a magnetic moment. Under normal circumstances, these mineral molecules arranged more chaos. Their magnetic regions affect each other and do not show magnetism. However, their orientations in the direction of external forces (such as magnetic fields) tend to be the same, and their magnetic properties are obviously displayed. That is, what we commonly call magnets. Permanent magnet magnet and soft iron sub, permanent magnet is coupled with strong magnetic, magnetic spin and electronic angular momentum into a fixed direction, the soft magnetic current is added (also a magnetic method) and other current Removing soft iron slowly loses magnetism. The earliest discovery and use of magnets should be Chinese, "compass" is one of China's four inventions.

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