Talking about the square, circular, ring shaped three kinds of magnets used in the system

- Nov 09, 2017 -

      Now on the market of various types of magnets, magnets for various purposes is really hard to count, because the current industry is very diverse, different industries for different types of magnets also have very different uses, such as The automotive industry uses more circular magnets, the television industry uses more square magnets, and the electronics industry more uses circular magnets. Different magnets can be said to have different properties, whether physical or chemical. The use of a particular industry can be arguably indispensable. But I do not know if our designers have ever wondered what the implications for the industrial manufacturing today would be if the ring magnets, the circular magnets, the square magnets are combined and used as a whole or as a system, What kind of change will we bring to our present social production, and to what extent will we improve our social productivity?

      Because I am not a professional practitioner, I do not know much about the properties of circular, ring and square magnets, but this does not affect my thinking on how to combine three types of circular, circular and square magnets Type of magnet used in combination research. All three of these magnets are easy to make, but how we assemble a ring magnet, a circular magnet, and a square magnet so that they can work best together is the most important thing for us.

      It is because of the different properties of circular magnets, ring magnets and square magnets that combining them is not an easy task, but as long as we carefully study them, we can find the right solution.

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