Teach you to identify single-sided magnetic refraction effect

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Single-sided magnetic, literally, we know that one side has a magnetic, while the other side is not magnetic. Using one side of the iron to the other side of the magnets to wrap, shielding magnetic, so that the natural magnetic will be refracted to the other side, the magnetic will be enhanced. The principle of magnetic refraction of a single-sided magnet is just like the refraction of a signal by a satellite dish. The principle of refraction of single-sided magnet is mainly determined by three aspects:

     First, the material, the material of the shield and the distance between the magnets are closely related. The pure metal is easy to leak and the refraction will be enhanced after the special treatment. However, the effect of different magnet manufacturers is different. The company is located in:

    Second: the angle, the best arc, right-angle loss large. The company is located in:

    Third: space, magnetic field lines need to have space to refraction.

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