Tell you magnet everywhere

- Nov 25, 2017 -

Magnets is a magical product, because its attraction and repulsion can supply a lot of machinery!

     The most common of our lives are divided into the hoof-shaped magnets and bar magnets, of which the hoof-shaped magnets more popular. Single-sided magnet refers to one side of the magnet, the other side of the magnetic weak magnet, the method is to use special treatment of galvanized iron double-sided magnet side wrapped, so wrapped side of the magnetic will be shielded, the magnetic force is refracted to the other side, The other side will be enhanced magnetic. If there are occasions where only one side of the magnetic, magnetic and if the other side will cause damage or interference; in some cases, such as the magnet on the box is only required to have a magnetic side, the other side of the optional, there is no magnetic useless, Using single-sided magnetism in this way greatly reduces costs and saves magnetic materials.

     Nowadays most people use artificial magnets in their lives, but their status in people's lives is indeed very high!

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