The basic characteristics of the magnet summary

- Nov 04, 2017 -

Magnets due to its own composition makes it has many characteristics, such as directivity, mutual exclusion and attractiveness, indivisibility, magnetic properties, etc., the following permanent magnet manufacturers to give you a detailed description of the characteristics of the magnet.

Magnets with the same repulsion, heterophasic absorption, when the two magnets close, they are the same polarity repel each other, different polar attract each other. It can be deduced that both ends of a freely rotating needle-shaped magnet can point north and south of the earth because the earth itself is a large magnet. The north pole of the earth magnet is near the geo-polar Antarctic, the south pole of the earth magnet is near the north pole in terms of geography. The declination between geomagnetic north pole and geography north pole is called declination. The magnet also has the indivisibility of two poles, the same magnet always exists at the same time two poles, the south pole and the north pole, the root length of the bar-shaped magnet into a plurality of short magnets, each of them simultaneously exist N pole and S very current. The unipolar magnetic break has not been found theoretically and experimentally.

Another basic characteristic of a magnets is its magnetic field. Magnets always generate a magnetic field in the space around them, and the magnetic field generated by the magnets is directional. Always start from the N pole and return to the S pole. The same is true inside the magnet. Magnet directivity, you can use the cotton root to hang a small magnet in the air, so that it can rotate freely. When stopped, its ends point to the north and south, respectively, referring to the North called the North Pole, the South Pole called the South.

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