The basic principle of shaped magnet rice cooker magnet

- Nov 24, 2017 -

The basic principle is bimetallic temperature control. Heating circuit consists of a sense of soft magnetic and permanent magnet composition. The temperature sensitive soft magnet is fixed together with the heated surface. The heat of the magnet at the bottom of the special-shaped magnet inner pot is directly transmitted to it through the heating surface. When the temperature is lower than 103 ° C., the soft magnetic material with the same temperature has the same magnetic properties as the permanent magnet, Degrees above 103 ℃, the temperature of the soft magnet will suddenly lose magnetism.

    When the temperature drops, the bimetal will gradually recover. When the temperature is lower than the holding temperature, the position of the movable piece is lower than the position of the fulcrum. Under the action of the stored elastic piece, the contact is closed and the shaped magnetic circuit is connected. Even though the temperature limiter is disconnected, the continuous action of the warmer can achieve the purpose of heat preservation.

When cooking, the start switch is pressed by hand, the permanent magnet and the soft magnet are attracted by the transmission rod, the suction force is greater than the spring force and permanent gravity of the permanent magnet, so the permanent magnet will not fall, the contact is closed, the circuit is connected, Heating plate began to heat. Cooked cooked rice, shaped magnet temperature continues to rise, when it reaches 103 ℃, the soft magnet suddenly lose magnetism, the permanent magnet in its own gravity and the role of the elastic spring down through the drive rod to separate the contacts, the circuit off, fever The plate stops fever. This will play a limited temperature effect.

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