The difference between different magnet types of magnetism

- Nov 28, 2017 -

There are a lot of good magnets in our life, different magnets for different environments, different types of magnets to introduce you to their different advantages, different businesses can according to their needs, the most suitable selection Magnet products.

Low and medium ferrite, the lowest price, good temperature characteristics, corrosion resistance, good price performance

NdFeB highest performance, the price, good strength, not high temperature and corrosion

Samarium Cobalt high performance, the highest price, crisp, excellent temperature characteristics, corrosion resistance

Alnico performance is low and in the price, excellent temperature characteristics, corrosion resistance, poor resistance to interference

Magnets can play a role in industries such as moving objects, stationary objects, lifting objects, etc., and there are different magnet shapes that allow our magnets to function,

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