The impact of different ways of magnetization of the tile magnet

- Nov 07, 2017 -

    We know that in the specific operation process, there are a lot of specific magnetization method, in general, there are three commonly used magnetization method, the three commonly used magnetization methods actually have their own scope of use, the impact is Not the same, let's take a closer look at each of these three types of tile magnets to understand the magnetization method, and then analyze their specific effects.

    The first magnetization method is to magnetize the tile magnet alone, and then in this case, a part of the magnet remains on the surface of the magnet, that is to say, the efficiency of utilization is not very high , But this method is more convenient and faster, and the production efficiency is relatively high. In contrast, we generally prefer to use the second magnetization method, the second is the tile-shaped magnets into the case after the sticky magnetization, so more convenient to produce, so many manufacturers will use This way, this approach is based on different manufacturers, and some use of internal filling, and some use of external filling, the way the difference is actually based on the specific circumstances that need to be aware of is the need to stick to the shell after drying, This can be more convenient to use. There is also the third is the way many small motors used, this convenient magnetizing, but not easy to check whether to complete magnetizing. In short, these three methods have their own scope of use, but also have different advantages and disadvantages.

     Different ways of adoption, which require specific consideration in the specific process, according to different practical needs and then choose the appropriate magnetization of the tile-shaped magnet, as long as the magnetization can be easily, either way Can be used.

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