The king of neodynium magnets!

- Nov 02, 2017 -

neodynium magnets are currently found in the highest commercial properties of the magnet, known as the magnetic king, has a very high magnetic properties of its maximum energy product (BHmax) higher than ferrite (Ferrite) more than 10 times. Its own mechanical processing performance is also quite good. Operating temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius. And its texture is hard, stable performance, a very good price, so its application is extremely extensive. But because of its strong chemical activity, it must be its surface coating treatment. (Such as plating Zn, Ni, electrophoresis, passivation, etc.).

This magnet was introduced by Sumitomo Special Metals Corporation in 1984 and is the strongest sold on the market. The strongest magnets were the samarium magnets developed in Europe and America. Both of these magnets are now used as part of a small engine or loudspeaker. Many machines can be miniaturized, it can be said to benefit from the small and powerful magnet it.

The use of this magnet, and then talk about the magnet, people will not say "magnet is the adsorption of iron, cobalt, nickel material". But will think of "any material has magnetic induction", but iron, cobalt, nickel magnetic strong, magnetic induction phenomenon is obvious. Other substances do not have a strong magnet can not see the magnetic induction phenomenon. In fact, magnets are divided into two kinds of magnetoresistance and exclusion of magnetoresistance.

Strong suction is equivalent to 300 kg iron block 320 km per hour hit the past!

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