The new use of permanent magnet cranes

- Nov 01, 2017 -

We are committed to producing all kinds of products according to the needs of customers, including block, round, ring, , Spherical, convex, concave and other shaped magnets.

Permanent magnetic crane with magnetic power, suction does not reduce the lasting. With easy to use energy conservation, safety, light weight, maintenance-free advantages. Is composed of high-density magnetic NdFeB material composed of magnetic circuit system, resulting in strong magnetic, through the handle of the rotation control magnetic rail switch, to achieve the purpose of work, is a convenient loading and unloading, magnetic cranes, all kinds of surface grinder must With accessories.

Permanent magnetic crane has the following characteristics:

, Permanent magnetic crane with high-performance permanent magnets, lightweight, easy to use;

, Permanent magnetic crane without electricity, there is no danger of power outages, safe and reliable;

, Permanent magnet crane structure is light, magnet magnetism in the secret operation is convenient, strong adsorption, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency;

, Permanent magnetic crane high safety factor design, the product has 1: 3.5 breaking pull force.

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