The reason the magnet appears rusty

- Nov 25, 2017 -

Magnets I believe we are no stranger to life, many items are used to the magnet, and the NdFeB magnet is a permanent magnet, the magnet is called the king, you can suck than the NdFeB magnet itself tens of large Times or even hundreds of times the weight of the object, then under what circumstances the magnet rust spots appear? How to solve the problem of rust?

    NdFeB powerful magnet put a period of time after the surface will appear white or other color spots, slowly develop will become rust, under normal circumstances, the electroplating magnet coating is not prone to rust, there are generally the following reasons for rust :

    1. magnet stored in the humid, poor air circulation, temperature changes in place;

    2. magnets in the surface of the dirt before plating is not well cleaned;

    3. Electroplating time is not enough or process problems;

    Magnet packaging caused by the magnetic seal oxidation damage;

The above four points is the cause of the magnet appears rust, the surface of the NdFeB magnets need electroplating, under normal circumstances is not the case of rust spots, too humid, poor air circulation, will make NdFeB magnets appear Rusty spots, so not only the neodymium iron boron magnets need to be placed in a dry place, all the plating products should be away from damp and dark place, put it dry place for preservation.

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