The role of a wide range of magnets

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Magnets are a good thing, and magnets are also playing a big role in people's lives!

     The composition of the magnet is basically iron, cobalt, nickel and other minerals, which because of the atomic structure is rather special, very special, they have a magnetic moment, so the general magnet atomic rankings are very confusing, but if the magnetic area Mutual impact on the show did not come out of magnetism.

     Now our usefulness can be a lot of wide range, such as motor or generator, we use the hard disk above the computer have used the magnet, as well as the door above the door sucking, car speakers, refrigerator stickers, speaker speakers There are also magnets inside, and now there are some useful chess magnet, our daily life phone, cell phone, and so many things are used magnets, so the magnet's usefulness is very extensive.

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