The role of the magnet inside the flask cover

- Nov 22, 2017 -

Magnets, life is very much like the same items, although it does not really appear in our lives, but many of our items have a magnet composition, the most common, such as the bag buttons, but also Magnet suction, such as the blackboard and blackboard eraser, there is a magnet attraction, there is also a magnet inside the thermos cup lid, then talk about the role of the magnet inside the thermos cup.

     Magnet inside the flask cap magnetizes, making the water magnetized.

     There are three ways to distribute heat: radiation, convection and transmission. The cup inside the thermos cup can reflect the radiation of hot water, and the vacuum of cup and cup body can block the heat transfer, while the bottle which is not easy to transfer heat can prevent the heat convection. Now thermos, also applied magnetized water principle, that is, at the bottom of the bottle and cap with a magnet, the water is magnetized, beneficial to human health.

The original magnet inside the flask there is such an effect, for the human body, drink this kind of water is certainly beneficial to the body, so the more the market there are magnets within the traditional thermos cup.


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