The solid method of motor magnet

- Jul 28, 2017 -

First, the mechanical solid magnetic tile used more widely, such as toy motors, hair dryer motors are using this solid method, this method has the advantage of easy installation, saving materials, but only for small motors.

Second, the glue sticky method, tile-shaped magnet solid method, foreign countries are often used adhesive method, so that both convenient and economical, but the process is good, but brought what glue, whether solid and other issues, magnetic tile The outer arc surface and the shell of the arc surface can be fully consistent, too low viscosity adhesive is also easy to bond and other issues.

Third, the combination of solid special method, foreign manufacturers are now using mixed solid special method has gradually increased, the so-called mixed solid method is to glue the plastic tile together, and then mechanical fixation method to make the magnet when the glue is not cured Live, so greatly shorten the time of gluing gluing, both for a large number of production, but also make the magnetic rubber firm.

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