The working principle of the electromagnet

- Nov 21, 2017 -

Electromagnets are more common in our daily life, the frequency of use is also high, then you know how our electromagnet work? Here we talk about his working principle:

The so-called electromagnet, is energized to produce magnetic, like magnets can absorb iron objects. Electromagnets can be used in a variety of areas, such as large-scale amusement equipment, automotive, aerospace, industrial, and other undertakings(Neodymium Disc Rare Earth Magnets). Common electromagnet applications such as: punch card to work clock, supermarket cash register, access to some units of automatic doors. These electromagnets through the electric energy is converted to a magnetic field, then the magnetic field generated by the magnetic force acting on the center of the iron core, the core action.


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The main application of the electromagnet is the force generated by the core action. This strength can do a few grams a few grams, in theory can be infinite, basically to be able to do a few hundred kilograms on the same. The magnetic effect of current is evidence of the presence of a magnetic field around the current. When the electromagnet is energized, a current flows through the coil to generate a magnetic field, so that the magnetic field acts on the iron core to generate an action.

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